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RE: Abbott still blinkered by roads addiction


Adam Bandt

12:39 PM (55 minutes ago)

to me
Hi Neville,

In just one week, over 3,500 people have joined you in calling on Tony Abbott to ditch the East West toll road and instead invest in public transport! Can you help us reach 5,000 by Monday by sharing with your Facebook friends now?Next week, I will present the petition in Parliament and call on the Prime Minister to listen to the thousands of Australians who want to divert the $3 billion in Federal funding allocated to the East West toll road into public transport.

Click here to share the petition with your friends on Facebook and help us reach 5,000 signatures by Monday.

Victorians know that it’s only public transport that will ease congestion, reduce pollution and keep Melbourne liveable, and it’s time for Tony Abbott to give up his destructive roads agenda once and for all.



PS. Don’t have Facebook and want to help us reach 5000 signatures by Monday? Can you forward this email onto 5 of your friends and ask them to join you at

—[Original Message]—

Neville —

Tony Abbott said this morning his government would do everything in their power to build the East West toll road. Join us now as we demand he gives up on the toll road once and for all and instead invests in public transport for Melbourne.Tony Abbott had committed $3 billion to go towards the East West toll road. But instead of persisting with the dud project, he has the opportunity to divert this money and invest into trams and trains that Melbourne desperately needs.

Sign the petition calling on Tony Abbott to ditch his plans for the East West toll road and invest the $3 billion into public transport for Melbourne instead.

Speaking live on TV from Melbourne this morning, Tony Abbott not only declared his government’s support for the toll road, he also claimed they had won the election on their plan for the East West toll road to be built.

This shows just how deluded Tony Abbott has become — he himself called the Victorian election ‘a referendum on the East West Link’. [1]

Victorians voted ‘no’ to the East West toll road — Ellen Sandell and a record number of Greens MPs were elected into the Victorian Parliament last year because we stood against this polluting and destructive project. The State Liberal government was kicked out for trying to ram the road through against the want of Victorians.

Add your name calling for Tony Abbott and the government to divert the $3 billion into clean and efficient public transport.

We know it’s trains, not toll roads that will ease congestion. And we know that Melbourne desperately needs investment now to create a 21st Century public transport network. It’s time that Tony Abbott listened to Victorians once and for all.

Thanks for standing with us,


[1] Victoria state election 2014: Premier Denis Napthine announces $250m for Tullamarine Freeway, November 8, 2014

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