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Real change takes time


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INGA, you might be surprised by the survey results that came in today.

When we asked a sample of Australians, 87% of people agreed: “We all share a responsibility to live in a way that embraces life and protects our clean air, water, rivers, forests, oceans and wildlife.”

Poll after poll shows that no matter who they vote for, a solid majority of Australians want a government with a plan to protect nature.

However, governments have listened to the polluters, not the people. A handful of people who run big polluting companies are not taking responsibility for their part in destroying life. With a new Prime Minister comes a new opportunity to change this.

But it will take more than broad community agreement – we need deep community engagement too.

Will you please give $35 or more for our long-term plan to activate community and grow people power? We need to raise $90,000 by September 30 to fund the next phase of this work.

People care – but are not always sure how to make a difference. When people get connected, active, visible and organised, community power grows. The only way to make sure this happens is conversation by conversation, team by team, network by network.

When Michael, ACF’s new community organiser in eastern Melbourne, held his first community conversation training, two people showed up: Karena and Paul. They ate awful gherkin sandwiches and talked about what to do next.

It was awkward.

But instead of moping back to the office, Michael asked Karena and Paul for advice. They said next time they could invite friends. Their friends knew the Landcare group and the deputy Mayor. They decided to put up posters and get up at 6.30am on a freezing Saturday morning for a market stall.

Fifteen people came to the next meeting. This time, Michael brought spanakopita.

Then last week, they ran a movie screening and 72 people turned up. They made plans to invite their networks to the People’s Climate March in November to ask our new Prime Minister to lead boldly to cut pollution. This is how change happens. This is how community power grows.

Your generous donation today means we can scale up this vital work.

If you’ve ever had a kookaburra raid your bush BBQ, surfed a bitterly-cold back beach in winter or drank forest filtered water from a city tap, chances are you can do that because a community cared enough to speak out for that patch of bush, that beach or the forest on the Range.

Our task is to reweave the skills, connections and power of our communities so we can hold all political parties true to their duty of care.

It’s the energy of the community that will make this possible.

Please donate now.

Thank you,


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