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Daily update: Solar shocker – the network defence against solar PV


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The network defence against solar PV; Tesla ramps up for Aussie launch of Model S; Aus cleantech market value back to pre-cash peaks; Climate deniers troll Maurice Newman; The coal industry and energy poverty; Australia can’t afford ideology as industry policy; Energy storage will replace many speaker spinning reserve plants; A small town in Germany becomes testing ground for smart grid; and What slow food can teach clean energy.
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The Parkinson Report
A church in Queensland recently installed a 22kW solar system and was shocked to find its next electricity bill was 15% higher, even though its consumption had fallen by one third. Welcome to the murky world of network tariff regimes, and why battery storage will take off.
Taking key infrastructure off-grid and powering them with solar and storage expected to boom because it is cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable.
China might be Tesla’s biggest market, but there’s big potential to swoop into Australia just as the conventional auto industry packs up and leaves.
The value of cleantech stocks on ASX has finally regained levels reached at its previous peak before the crash of 2007. Thanks to New Zealand.
Maurice Newman justified his anti-climate stance by citing an ABC poll that was  trolled by Australia’s climate denial community. It’s quite comical.
2.6 billion people cook by burning coal, wood and other solid fuels. This has major impacts on people’s health, safety and quality of life.
The Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda looks to be based on a hotchpotch of political ideology and helping the Government’s mates.
The move to battery storage is inevitable, and enables the incorporation of much larger amounts of intermittent energy such as wind and solar.
A small German town in southern Bavaria is participating in an interesting experiment proving that a high-renewables future is viable.
In the food and energy sectors, there is a movement underway taking a holistic value chain approach to create a more secure, sustainable, affordable system.

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