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Daily update: How Australian utilities will cope with solar and storage


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How Aussie utilities will cope with solar & storage; Melbourne tests renewables market with new investment model; How hot is too hot for BHP?; Why US fracking is biggest Red Herring in history of oil; Solar+wind as cheap as coal for Turkey; New prototype turns waste heat into electricity; The other Paris meeting; Media will never get Ivanpah right; SunEdison to become biggest renewables developer; Negative impacts of rooftop solar will fall on US utility investors; and NASA shows stark year in the life of co2.
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The Parkinson Report
It’s the big question facing energy utilities around the world: How quickly will rooftop solar and battery storage change the nature of the energy market, and how long can those that currently dominate the market hold on to the their incumbent business models?
City of Melbourne gathers like-minded local govts and businesses to ‘challenge the market’ to supply the right renewables solutions at the right price.
There is a simple question that BHP-Billiton doesn’t address in any of their voluminous reports to shareholders: how hot is too hot in a warming world?
Leading funds manager Jeremy Grantham says US fracking boom hiding fact that oil industry in terminal decline and will be replaced by renewables.
Having lost the battle on health, the anti-wind brigade wants another Senate Inquiry, this time into wind’s effect on emissions, power prices and fauna.
BNEF study finds renewables mix heavy in solar PV and wind could meet Turkey’s growing energy needs between now and 2030 at same cost as coal.
Picture a device that can produce electricity using nothing but the ambient heat around it.
 if the Montreal Protocol fails to reach agreement on the amendment proposals to clean up the HFC mess it helped to create, the massive climate benefit it has inadvertently achieved will be soon eroded.
A new development in Ivanpah’s financing gave Fox another opportunity to pounce, BrightSource has responded with a missive to set the record straight.
Acquisition to make SunEdison world’s largest renewable energy developer and give TerraForm Power 521 MW of additional operating wind and PV plants.
PV has been increasing at a rate of 50% a year has led many US utilities to question the impact that continued expansion will have investors and ratepayers.
This is what your atmosphere looks like on carbon dioxide. And it’s not a pretty sight.

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