Renter’s market?

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CBD_July_eNewsRumblings have reached the Westender that the tenant is getting the upper hand in the commercial and apartment market in 4101 at the moment.

Rob Honeycombe from Bees Nees is on record as saying that the number of apartments coming on line in the next couple of months are likely to see a bit of a sag in rental prices.

He writes, “We’ll stand by our comments that tenant demand is strong in Brisbane’s inner-city. … But there’s a limit to everything and there’s likely to be a noticeable blip in at least this one inner-city rental marketplace in 2014. Landlords would be well-served to keep a close eye on their own neighbourhoods and plan their lease expiries and renovations carefully.”

south Brisbane new apartment figuresYou can read the rest of his article on the BeesNees blog.

Westender itself currently carries an advertisement shouting Cheap Rent for a commercial space in South Brisbane.

Other local real estate agents are trimming their sales for the changing market conditions.

If you’re looking for office space or new digs, it might pay to take the time to read the tea leaves.

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