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Exploring Eruptions: Research on Volcanoes Could One Day Help Save Lives
Michigan Tech News
By Dana Yates John Lyons near a microseismicity station located below Antisana volcano, in Ecuador. Cara Shonsey photo Geology takes the long view. It is a field, after all, in which the pace of change spans billions of years.
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Michigan Tech News
Mount Hood eruption ‘style’ studied
Studies show the volcano has never experienced an explosive eruption exhibited by other volcanoes in Oregon, Washington and across the Pacific “ring of fire” despite having similar chemical magma composition and gas content, a university release said
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Dr. Shanaka de Silva Answers Your Questions About Supervolcanoes, Uturuncu and
Wired News
Are so called ‘supervolcanoes’ regular strato/shield volcanoes before their first major eruption? Dr. de Silva: These are great questions that deal with something very close to my heart which is the critical importance of heat delivery to a volcanic
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Weatherman Sean Batty finds out more about the Icelandic climate
The STV weatherman travelled to Iceland to find out how Icelandic volcanoes affect the climate and weather. Scotland is well known for being a cold, wet and windy country, with an unpredictable climate that can go from being sunny one minute to pouring
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Unknown volcanes caused the Little Ice Age
Canada Free Press
Now, a new computer “study” announced that volcanoes caused the Little Ice Age! A research team led by Gifford Miller of the University of Colorado says eruptions of four volcanoes just before AD 1300 spewed huge amounts of sulphates into the air,
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Hawaii’s volcanic gases spur renewed disaster declaration for the agriculture
Live Insurance News
The state is well known for its many volcanoes, which have become an attraction for tourists around the world. While the volcanoes are famously beautiful and awe inspiring, they are also the source of dangerous emissions that can kill plant life and
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Live Insurance News
Exploring the myths of the Yellowstone supervolcano
High Country News (blog)
Nor did the earthquake swarm indicate a potential volcano eruption. In fact, earthquake swarms are common in the park. They have occurred as recently as January 2010, when the northwestern edge of the Yellowstone Caldera started to experience what
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