Royal support for Keep it in the Ground

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Royal support for Keep it in the Ground


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Dear Neville,

We thought you’d like to know that the Keep it in the Ground campaign has now attracted royal support. Prince Charles gave a speech on Thursday night in London on climate change in which he spoke of a need to “re-wire” the global economy and curb fossil fuel subsidies.

The prince also made special mention of Keep it in the Ground:

“I can only welcome and commend the Guardian’s campaign, which has proved so clear, compelling and powerfully resonant with many millions of people around the world. The ‘Keep it in the Ground’ campaign is the first action of its kind from such a newspaper, and has – like the broader fossil fuel divestment movement – focused the mind very considerably as to the scale of the transition before us.”

The prince went on to say:

“the “Divest / Invest” movement has recently seen significant and increasingly broad-based support, and has sharpened investors’ focus, not just on the risks of holding hydrocarbon stocks within their portfolios, but also to the ever more pressing need to divert vastly more capital into clean energy, low-carbon investments and infrastructure projects.”

You can read the full speech and watch a video of the prince speaking here.

Yours sincerely,

James Randerson, Assistant National News Editor

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