Russia intensifies global warming effort


Source: Yahoo News  

Russia is to intensify efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in order to stay in compliance with the Kyoto treaty as its economy rebounds from the economic collapse of the early 1990s, the country’s deputy economic development minister said.

The 1990s dramatic drop in economic production made Russia’s Kyoto targets more achievable, but Moscow hopes to begin to improve remaining industry with new joint projects bringing in foreign investment, Andrei Sharonov said.

"Even by the most optimistic forecasts of economic development, we will not go over the level of 1990 (emissions), which is our obligation as stipulated by the Kyoto Protocol," Sharonov assured Friday as quoted by RIA Novosti.

"The Kyoto Protocol’s secretariat now registers 29 joint projects by Russian companies," which allow other countries to invest in upgrading Russian enterprises to reduce emission of greenhouse gases, Sharonov said.

The Russian government last month issued a decree allowing such joint projects and is working on accords facilitating them, with "active consultations" being held with France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Italy, Sharonov said.

Within five years, Russia aims to reduce emissions by 300 million tonnes of gases equivalent to carbon dioxide, Sharonov said, warning however that for the goal to be met, "it would take many such projects."

The Kyoto Protocol, which came into effect in February 2005 after Moscow’s signature in November the year before, commits industrial nations to reduce emissions of six greenhouse gases between 2008 and 2012.

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