Sachs exhorts EU not to blindly follow US

Professor Jeffrey Sachs addressed NATO this month, begging European nations not to blindly follow the US into a global war with China and Russia. He says US is no longer a global leader, and is in denial about this, leading the West into a dangerous and futile global war. He points out that successive US presidents expanded NATO despite warnings by European and US diplomats that it would inevitably lead to war. <snip> He also spent much of the last two years investigating the sources of CoViD and believes it escaped US biotech laboratory though this is not yet proven. Jeffrey Sachs is adviser to the UN on the Sustainable Development Goals and professor of economics at the Columbia University.

Jeffrey Sachs in Madrid

Jeffrey Sachs started his speech by saying, we are in a mess. A real mess, and we show no signs of getting ourselves out of it. He then rattled off the list of mistakes that we have made in recent years that have brought western economies crashing down and plunged Africa and South America into chaos. His point that US insistence that the world follow its policies is a major part of the problem and, unless we wake up, and start working cooperatively with China and Russia, it will continue to get worse, not better. I have posted a link to his speech on the 4zzzecoradio socials and to Watch it and weep. It makes perfect sense and we have to convince our government to decouple from the US madness and seriously work toward a sustainable future. The alternative is unthinkable.

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