Mould moves in

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The big wet has Brisbane renters tearing apart sharehouses, burning leather clothing and scrubbing walls with clove and tea tree oil, mixed with vinegar and warm water in a battle with an unwanted, microbial, housemate; mould.

Mouldy leather is de rigeur on East Coast Australia this winter

Christine Schindler wrote in Westender last week “The mould ripened, it invited friends and propagated indiscriminately on brick and wood. An odd smell led to bigger questions, who’s responsible – the landlord or tenant?” Tenants Queensland and the Rental Tenancies Authority conclude that that depends, and the widespread and insistent nature of the problem forces tenants to clean up the effects, even if the landlord is responsible for the causes.

Schindler’s recipe? “Dry the place out by creating a well-ventilated space, then add a bucket full of sunshine and not a drop of moisture. Unfortunately, Bunnings does not sell these things.”

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