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NASA sees second biggest flare of the solar cycle

Posted: 07 Mar 2012 03:51 PM PST

The leading edge of the first of two major coronal mass ejections will reach Earth at about 1:25 AM EST on the morning of March 8 (plus or minus 7 hours). Such a CME could result in a severe geomagnetic storm, causing aurora at low latitudes, with possible disruption to high frequency radio communication, global positioning systems (GPS), and power grids.

Oceans acidifying faster today than in past 300 million years

Posted: 07 Mar 2012 11:54 AM PST

The oceans may be acidifying faster today than they did in the last 300 million years, according to scientists.

When it comes to creating wetlands, Mother Nature is in charge

Posted: 07 Mar 2012 06:38 AM PST

Fifteen years of studying two experimental wetlands has convinced experts that turning the reins over to Mother Nature makes the most sense when it comes to this area of ecological restoration.
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