Illegal Japanes whaling in Antarctica hits the headlines

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Illegal Japanese whaling events in the Antarctic have hit Australian newspapers, televison and radio this week. No broadcaster in any medium has described the Japanese Government’s whaling activities as illegal. Click here to view the rules and treaties the Japanese Government is violating.

What are the mainstream newspapers saying?

Front page on The Sydney Morning Herald

Plea for help over blazing whaler

Andrew Darby

February 15, 2007 – 1:21PM

`The Japanese Government has called for international help with its stricken whaling ship Nisshin Maru as fire still burns through its factory deck in Antarctica.
"I think this is a very urgent situation," said Hideki Moronuki, a deputy director at the Fisheries Agency of Japan.
"I cordially ask the Australian and New Zealand governments to extend their kindest co-operation to the vessel." …

No comment was available from Australian government officials about any assistance they might provide, but the Ross Sea lies in New Zealand’s search and rescue zone.’

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Under Breaking News on The Australian’s web site is the story

Whaling protesters could face charges

 February 15, 2007
`ANTI-WHALING group Sea Shepherd could face questioning and even charges in Australia over its protest against Japanese whaling vessels, federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison has said.
One of the group’s ships was involved in a dramatic collision with a Japanese whaling ship in Antarctic waters this week before its protest was formally called off due to a lack of fuel.
Sea Shepherd footage of the incident has appeared on TV in Australia, and both sides have blamed each other for the collision…

"I would remind all those concerned that if they are to call into an Australian port they could well face the consequences of Australian law if they breached it," Senator Ellison said.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald again

Government gets whaling data from Japanese: Garrett

February 15, 2007 – 1:59PM

`Labor’s environment spokesman Peter Garrett says the only way the Federal Government monitors whaling by Japanese ships is by asking the Japanese what is happening.
That was like asking a burglar to list what they’ve stolen, he said…

"Protecting whales and preserving our $300 million whale-watching industry require more than Howard Government platitudes." He said a Labor government would use the international courts to stop whaling for all time.’

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