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Sign the petition before Thursday’s threatened species summit!


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Have you heard the news? Yesterday, the Abbott government banned the Clean Energy Finance Corp from investing in wind power and small solar projects. Seriously.

Pollution and global warming threaten our communities and the wildlife we love.
Just last week, another eight plants and animals were added to Australia’s list of over 1,800 species at risk of extinction.
Mining, logging, land-clearing and global warming are destroying habitat, while governments turn a blind eye. But we can shine a spotlight on them this week.
On Thursday, all of Australia’s state and federal environment ministers gather in Melbourne for the first ever national Threatened Species Summit.
It’s a critical moment.
Minister Hunt called the summit to launch a threatened species strategy “with hard and measurable targets.”
It sounds great – but what if the real issues aren’t even on the agenda?
I’ll attend the Threatened Species Summit and give the ministers the exact steps they can take to tackle extinction in our new report Recovery planning: restoring life to our threatened species.
Let’s make sure all of Australia’s environment ministers uphold their duty of care to protect life.
Sign the petition to:
  • Stop the loss of threatened species habitat from mining, logging and land clearing.
  • Protect ‘climate refuge’ habitat threatened species need as our planet heats up.
  • Develop a national plan to cut pollution and tackle global warming.

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Kelly O’Shanassy
Australian Conservation Foundation

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