Solar still creates drinking water


Works best in mid-summer: Mid-summer average daily yields were about 20 per cent higher than annual daily averages, while peak yields on a hot, cloudless summer day with some wind (to drive the rotor) could reach 2 kL.

Prototype trials: Modelled results had an uncertainty of +/- 20 per cent. A prototype project trialled for 12 months in South Australia’s Riverland aimed to get accurate production data.

Shandy option for irrigation: Distilled water from the unit could be shandied to varying degrees with source water to allow it to be used for irrigation. For drinking water, a downstream mineral filter would be installed with the unit.

Reference: Focus on Salt, Issue 39, December 2006, ISSN: 1444-7703. Contact Jeroen van der Sluijs, ph: +44 (0)1162 471 160, email: Document is available at: http:/

Erisk Net, 10/1/2007

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