States claim Campbell is slowing renewables development


The states have crushed a Federal push for uniform guidelines on wind farms, dismissing it as a "bureaucratic speed hump" to slow the development of renewable energy, reported The Australian (24 June 2006, p.10).

Existing approvals process "sufficient": A meeting of State and Territory Environment Ministers has voted down a national code granting communities greater say over wind farms, saying they already underwent a rigorous approval process at State and local government level.

Campbell to push on regardless: But Federal Environment Minister Ian Campbell vowed to push ahead with a national round table on wind farms, involving local government, community and wind energy representatives. Senator Campbell described the vote as a "slap in the face" for communities looking for greater control over the spread of wind turbines across rural Australia.

States "deaf to community concerns": "An increasing number of communities are expressing concern about the potential impact of wind energy installations on landscapes, amenity and threatened species … but it apparently isn’t being heard by the state and territory governments," he said.

Will work co-operatively: Senator Campbell played down his defeat at the Environment Ministers’ meeting in Sydney, saying he would work co-operatively with the States to reach agreement.

The Australian, 24/6/2006, p. 10

Source: Erisk Net


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