Switch to LP Gas a better deal as petrol price soars


Conversions to LPG have become far more viable as the price differential with petrol has never been wider, according to Martin Monaghan, manager of market development for Unigas which supplies LPG to about half the 3000-odd Australian service stations offering it .

Differential hit $1 a litre:“Last week in Melbourne the differential reached $1 a litre,” Monaghan said, quoted in The Australian Financial Review (12/8/06, p.4).

Cost $2500-$3500: Most people spend about $2500 on a dual-fuel conversion, allowing the vehicle to run on both petrol and gas, but costs can go to $3500.

Taxis, couriers can recoup in months: “Taxis doing 100,000 kilometres a year take just a few months to recoup that in the lower price of fuel, couriers doing 1000 kilometres a week take around six months,” he says.

Mostly bigger cars: “In the main, we’re doing bigger cars, commercial vehicles and four-wheel-drives. Small cars are unusual but we have done some, including a Mazda 121 for pizza deliveries.”

The Australian Financial Review, 12/8/2006, p. 4

Source: Erisk Net  

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