The future of Gonski

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The future of Gonski


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1:08 PM (10 minutes ago)

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Inga —

On Sunday Labor finished our national conference where we set out positive plans for the future, and I wanted to make sure you heard the good news about school education. Labor re-committed to the Gonski principles: to a sector-blind, needs-based school funding model. For better results, a fairer society and better jobs in the future.

The conference has sent a very clear message: only Labor is committed to Gonski. The only way that Australia will see Gonski become a reality is under a Shorten Labor Government.

You can see my speech to the conference below. Please share the speech to let everyone know the good news.


We know that it is through our education system that each and every young Australian can have the greatest chance of reaching their full potential. And we know that there is nothing that is more important to fairness, to opportunity, and to social justice. Please share this speech to show your support for the Gonski reforms. 

Thanks for your support,

Kate Ellis
Shadow Education Minister

P.s. Education obviously wasn’t the only issue we discussed – one that hasn’t got as much attention as it probably should is a commitment to ensuring at least 50% of Labor representatives are women by 2025. Our old target was 40%, but as advocates said, 40% isn’t equal, and support for change was resounding.

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