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The John James Newsletter 113

10 April 2016

I am so proud of these young people. I hope they will be successful for all of us


Historic Victory in Court

The US District Court in Oregon, in a ruling that may reverberate in history, denied the request of the US and co-defendants (American Petroleum Institute, National Association of Manufacturers, and the American Fuels and Petrochemical Association) to dismiss our case. Your homework assignment for the weekend is to read Judge Coffin’s ruling, which includes the rationale for his decision. It will warm your heart and may restore some faith in our government.


Youths sue US government over climate inaction

Young people across the country are suing several government agencies for failing to develop a climate change recovery plan, conduct that amounts to a violation of their constitutional rights, says their lawyer Julia Olson. Their futures are at stake, “Climate change is the biggest issue of our time,” 


Our Children’s Right to a Viable Future 

Judge Coffin’s ruling

Wouldn’t it be grand if we could do the same here? Is there any way the law could be our friend in Australia?

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