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29 August 2015

I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights

Bishop Desmond Tutu

Kissinger: ‘Breaking Russia Has Become Objective For US’

“If we treat Russia seriously as a great power, we need at an early stage to determine whether their concerns can be reconciled with our necessities.” Well worth reading. 

“The wave has reached us”

The Balkans is in the grips of an unprecedented surge in migration fueled by war in Syria and instability across the Middle East. More than 100,000 migrants have entered this year

watch the slide show 


Suspected arson attack on German refugee shelter

Police say overnight fire at a converted sports hall intended to house refugees the result of arson. 

Israeli City Mobilizes to Keep Asylum Seekers Out 

US Court Orders Palestine to Pay $10m to Israel Bomb Victims


Permanent traumatic stress disorder in Gaza

Gaza has endured multiple losses – what we call multi-traumatic losses. People in other places usually endure a single loss: the loss of a home, or a family member, or a job. Many Gazans have lost them all.

Everything You’ve Been Told About Debt Is Wrong

since 1970 Jamaica has borrowed $18.5 billion and paid back $19.8 billion, yet still owes $7.8 billion. Philippines borrowed $110 billion, has paid back $125 billion, and owes $45 billion. money—in the form of labor power and natural resources—is being extracted from these countries, thanks to the fact that all these loans bear interest. 

The Russian Army is Beginning to Engage in Syria

A profound and significant change has just occurred in the Levant – the Russian army has begun to engage against terrorism in Syria more or less coordinated with the White House. 

What is a baseline year and why does it matter? 

Citigroup Predicts $100 Trillion In Stranded Assets If Paris Summit Succeeds

Wind & Solar Are Already A Better Value Than Fossil Fuels

Victoria networks to sell solar direct to customers, taking on retailers 

US Secret Aid to ISIS

the U.S. is playing very dangerous games of controlled chaos in the Middle East  thousands people would pay with their lives for all those covert operations.

The Civilian Toll From the War Against ISIS Is Huge. Why Isn’t the Press Covering It?

The US-led bombing campaign has killed hundreds, according to one comprehensive report. The Pentagon admits to two.The material was always there.… why haven’t news organizations gone looking for that? 

Germany moves to Ban GMO Crops

Following Scotland’s lead, Germany becomes latest in EU to pursue opt-out clause in GMO rules 

America’s 800 military bases around the world

Not only does the US defense budget equal about half the world’s total military spending, but a huge chunk of the rest is spent by close American allies. Russia’s military spending is dwarfed by the combined commitments of the UK, France, and Germany. North Korea’s military spending looks like a tiny pimple sitting on the top of South Korea’s. 

Leaked audio: Israeli leaders drew up plans to attack Iranian 

Misinformation Hides Real Dimension of Greek “Bailout”

The bailout is not really about a growth plan for Greece, but a plan to make sure the European Central Bank (ECB) and the IMF get paid, and the euro area does not break up. 

White House in Chilcot ‘cover-up’

America bans crucial files that could reveal secret of why Blair invaded Iraq 

Hawking: There may be a way out of black holes

British scientist proposes that physical information could survive and pass through black holes to alternate universes. 

Sea Level Rising Faster Than Expected, NASA Warns

The Greenland ice sheet has lost average of 303 gigatons of ice a year over the past decade, while the Antarctic ice sheet has lost an average of 118 gigatons a year. Glaciers in the West Antarctic “have passed the point of no return.”

What is the ‘dark web’? 

Term made infamous by Ashley Madison and paedophile rings. the dark underbelly of the internet,

This is what to expect from TPP trade trade treaties

WTO Ruling Against India’s Solar Push Threatens Climate, Clean Energy. The U.S. should be applauding India’s efforts to scale up solar energy—not turning to the WTO to strike the program down.

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