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The John James Newsletter 85


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The John James Newsletter 85
13 October 2015
Let me know if you would really prefer I do not do that.
Mexico City 22 million – humans occupy the earth
The photo is shocking – hill after hill accommodating 22 million – the major public buildings are police barracks.
Climate Change “Tipping Points” and the Fate of the Earth
IPCC report make increasingly hair-raising reading, suggesting that the planet is approaching possible moments of irreversible damage in a fashion and at a speed that had not been anticipated.
41 targeted but 1,147 killed by US drones
7 attempts made to kill Baitullah Mehsun killed 164 people, including many children. 142 children were killed in the pursuit of 24 men, only six of whom were actually killed in the drone strikes.
Iraq Gives Up On America And Asks Russia To Rescue It From IS
Will we look back on this as the moment when America ceased being a superpower?
Noam Chomsky on the Economic War on Latin America
The historic fear that the US has had toward an independent Latin America; the blockade on Cuba, the history of US foreign policy, Brazil as an economic power-house and Latin America’s efforts at regional integration.
BP oil spill in Great Australian Bight would be catastrophic
affecting fishing and tourism, and threaten whales, seabirds, sea lions and sea turtles, along the southern coast.
Study Links Fracking To Premature Births, High-Risk Pregnancies
Preterm births were 40% higher among women who lived in areas of intense drilling and fracking operations, and these women’s pregnancies were 30% more likely to be high-risk.
The Only Surprise Is That Not More Israeli Jews Are Being Attacked
Israel’s existence is, of course, the most dramatic proof of what can be achieved with well planned and sustained terrorism. Israel was created mainly by Zionist terrorism which drove out first the occupying British and then three-quarters of the Arab population of Palestine.
Intifada: The Writing Was On The Wall
Anyone who claims to be surprised has, along with most Israelis, been burying his head in the sand for a decade. The only surprising thing is that a renewed uprising has taken a decade to occur.
The Third Intifada has already begun 
WikiLeaks Publishes Final TPP Intellectual Property Chapter 
Download the document WikiLeaks released one of the most controversial parts of the trade deal.
Indonesian forest fires on track to emit more CO2 than UK 
The fires, mostly started deliberately to clear forest for paper and palm oil production, are on track to match the worst. The region is currently experiencing a strong El Niño that creates drought conditions.
The Fires In Indonesia Are A Health And Climate Nightmare
Forest fires are sending choking smoke across Southeast Asia, releasing tons of carbon, and destroying thousands of acres of peat forest, one of the world’s most effective carbon sinks.
Poland’s second city to ban coal use after anti-smog law approved 
Household stoves burning coal are responsible for an estimated 88% of the Poland’s non-industrial air pollution.
Smugglers Caught Trying to Transport Ingredients for Nuke to ISIL
Moldovan police have managed to prevent at least four attempts to sell bomb-grade uranium.
Winter Is Coming. And So Is Ukraine’s Far Right.
An armed, radical threat could tear Ukraine apart before snow falls. There’s a reason most revolutions in Eastern Europe begin in the winter, from Russia in 1905 to Ukraine’s in 2013. Once the cold settles in, a government’s empty promises are laid bare.
The roots of Syria’s tragedy
often described as the greatest humanitarian disaster of the 21st century. Half of Syria’s population of 24 million has been displaced, and unprecedented numbers of refugees are frantically seeking safety in Europe. These include Muslims and Christians alike, professional with transferable skills and some knowledge of English or French, and tens of thousands of rural poor, who will find adapting to life on a different continent very difficult. The current crisis can be traced back to events following the arbitrary partition of the Ottoman Empire.
Why people move
For four years, before the civil war there was a drought. A million people were forced off the land and into cities in a country where the regime was basically either unable or unwilling to look after them properly. Then  climate change affected the water supply. That affected food security. Then war.
Global obesity rise puts UN goals on diet-related diseases ‘beyond reach’ 
In Mexico, which has some of the highest levels of child obesity in the world, the two largest contributors to children’s energy intake were milk – much of it sweetened milk drinks – and sugar-sweetened soft drinks.”Big Food marketing strategies are to reach further and further into developing countries, to find ways they can increase their market share amongst even the lowest income populations.” Despite a reputation for sport and outdoor living, Australia has one of the fattest populations on the planet, with the second-fastest growth in the world, and the fastest among women.
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