The John James Newsletter No. <184>

The John James Newsletter 184

1 July 2017

We are living in a world borrowed from our children’s future

Anna Breytenbach

Enlightenment is easy for those who have no opinions


The Animal Communicator 

Anna Breytenbach demonstrates that when we are connected without agenda or attachment we can be heard by nature, and are in tune. This is only possible when we have eased ourselves out of the way. She could change your life, or at least deepen it as she has mine. She reminds me of how intimately empathetic we become when involved in therapy, on the deepest and most at-one moments.  

Anna Breytenbach communicates with the Great White Shark 

All ten species are endangered. Just don’t be afraid, for you and the shark have equal rights to a space in the water, and they have told her they don’t like the taste of human flesh. 

Solar Costs Are Hitting Jaw-Dropping Lows in Every Region of the World 

The plunges in system pricing won’t just come from modules — they’ll come from reductions in inverters, trackers and even labor. And every region will benefit. India has utility PV system pricing of 65 cents per watt. 

Wind Energy Has Officially Become Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

Industry leaders have estimated that the cost of producing energy using wind farms has dropped to around $100 per megawatt hour, making the energy source as cost effective as coal and nuclear.

Deadline 2020: Just Three Years, Say Experts, Before Global Tipping Point

“Should emissions continue to rise beyond 2020, or even remain level, the temperature goals set in Paris become almost unattainable. At least 30% of the world’s electric supply needs to come from renewable sources, and no new coal plants can be built.” This report is timed for the coming G27 meeting where the Paris agreement will be at the top of the agenda. 

Scary’: CO2 Rates continue to Climb even as emissions stabilise 

While carbon dioxide emission rates have stabilized, the level of the greenhouse gas in the earth’s atmosphere has continued to rise in 2017. Scientists say the earth’s natural “sponges” may be unable to absorb CO2 at the previous rate and to simply stop pumping CO2 into the air will no longer be enough to prevent climate change. 

Israel to Enclose Gaza as a “Prison Territory” 

Construction of New High Tech Surveillance Wall to Separate Gaza from Israel  65 km long equipped with cameras and sensor  as a de facto “prison territory” with a population of more than 1.85 million. 

Meet the Tire That Never Needs Air. Or Be Replaced

A perfect balance for an Electric Car that has so few moving parts there is little maintenance. Tyre replacement costs a heap in energy waste.

Trump Plays Nuclear ‘Chicken’ with Putin Over Syria

He is playing a game of nuclear “chicken” following Putin’s warning on June 19th to go to war if the US again shoots down, inside the sovereign territory of the internationally-recognized-as-legal sovereign Syrian government any Syrian aircraft, or the aircraft of any of the foreign governments that have allied with Syria: Russia, Iran, and China.

Coal entrepreneur pursues printed batteries on printed solar

A new technology bought by battery storage firm Printed Energy promises to do what the company’s name suggests – print out ultra-thin, flexible screen-printed batteries, on top of ultra-thin flexible screen printed solar panels – and engineer another major reduction in renewable energy costs.

Larsen C iceberg accelerates ahead of calving

In another sign that the iceberg calving is imminent, the soon-to-be-iceberg part of Larsen C Ice Shelf has tripled in speed to more than ten meters per day between 24th and 27th June 2017. The iceberg remains attached to the ice shelf, but its outer end is moving at the highest speed ever recorded on this shelf. We still can’t tell when calving will occur – it could be hours, days or weeks – but this is a notable departure from previous observations.  

Mammoth Genome Analysis Points to Pre-Extinction Genome Declines

An analysis of available ancient genome sequences suggests that the genome of the woolly mammoth, began taking on ever more potentially deleterious mutations as populations dwindled and the species got closer to extinction 

The map that fills a 500-million-year gap in Earth’s history

The first whole-Earth plate tectonic map of half-a-billion years of Earth history, from 1,000 million years ago to 520 million years ago. 

There’s a Weird Relationship Between Cancer and Alzheimer’s

As the most common cause of dementia, it’s the sixth leading cause of death in the US, behind conditions like heart disease and cancer. While cancer and Alzheimer’s seemingly don’t have that much in common, there is one key link that researchers at MD Anderson think could be useful: People with a history of cancer are less likely to get Alzheimer’s, while people with Alzheimer’s are less likely to get cancer.

Mayors of 7,400 cities vow to meet Obama’s climate commitments

‘Global covenant of mayors’ to work together on climate change whether current White House resident agrees or not. Trump’s disappointing decision to withdraw from the agreement will actually have the opposite effect in terms of execution. 

The World Is Now $217,000,000,000,000 In Debt And The Global Elite Like It That Way

The borrower is the servant of the lender, and through the mechanism of government debt virtually the entire planet has become the servants of the global money changers.  Politicians love to borrow money, but over time government debt slowly but surely impoverishes a nation.  As the governments around the globe acquire increasing amounts of debt, they must raise taxes to keep servicing those debts.  In the end, it is all about taking money from us and transferring it into government pockets, and then taking money from government pockets and transferring it into the hands of the elite. 

Syrian refugees return home in the hundreds of thousands, UN says

Nearly half a million Syrians have returned to their homes since the beginning of the year, mainly to find family members and check on propertyThere has been “a notable trend of spontaneous returns to and within Syria in 2017” 

The Refugee Crisis is destroying Europe. 

The number of lawless areas (commonly referred to as, “no-go zones”) in Sweden have now reached 61, rising from 55 in just one year. This increase includes, not only the total number, but also the geographical size of these areas. These are areas women can no longer freely walk around no less the police themselves. Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, came out and pleaded on national television for assistance: “Help us, help us!” he said while warning that Swedish police forces can no longer uphold the law. The refugees are so disrespectful that if the free money is cut off, Sweden can quickly find itself in the midst of total chaos. The refugees will turn violent and seek whatever they can from the other regions. When the police come out and ask for help, you know something is seriously wrong. The crisis is becoming critical because the refugees did not come to assimilate into Western Culture, but to change the West to their world.

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