The John James Newsletter no 33

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The John James Newsletter 33 – FEEDBACK PLEASE


John James

12:00 PM (52 minutes ago)

to John
Dear friends
In 32 issues over four months I have tried to balance the so-called public news with the hidden. By its nature this is not always pleasant nor without hope. I try to be real, and give you thoughtful analyses to match the events.
Is this what you want? Is this useful? Do I continue sending this out or modify the way I do it?
  1. I have tended to send out 2 a week Is this too many? Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly?
  2. If less, what should I do with news that could, but should, not wait (such as No 25)?
  3. I have given lots on what I consider to be the most important issues, such as Putin and Russia, as their views have been censored out. Wanted?
  4. Similarly with the growing wealth gap that is eating away at both democracy and freedom. Wanted?
  5. And always our attack on the climate.
  6. I include the good news wherever it is ‘newsworthy’ and not just to give it space. Even among my sources there is not much as the reality is that we do live in difficult and tumultuous times. An issue that Rick Steves points out below.
**** So, please send me your views.
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Tune Out Cable News and Turn Away Fear 
After traveling and lecturing across the United States in recent months, it strikes me that our nation has never been so racked with fear. The paramount concern is “national security”: the fear that apocalyptic forces outside America’s borders – Islamic State, Ebola, immigrants from Latin America – will creep in and overwhelm us … Opinions end up being shaped by sensationalistic media coverage geared toward selling ads. Sadly, fear-mongering politicians desperate for your vote pile on too. Commercial television news is hammering “the land of the brave” with scare tactics as never before … Don’t let fear-mongering politicians and ratings-crazed news channels shape the way you see our world.

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