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They’re just kids


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7:03 PM (15 minutes ago)

to me
There are 81 kids locked up in detention on Nauru.

What will their childhood memories be?


Dear Neville,

It’s International Refugee Week. People around the world are celebrating the incredible achievements and contributions made by refugees to the countries that offer them safety.
That safety is more important than ever.  
We’re in the middle of a global refugee crisis — the worst since World War II. It’s forced almost 20 million refugees from their homes, fleeing war and persecution in countries like Syria and Burma.
Half of them are children, who have a right to a real childhood.
Australia could make a real difference to the lives of these children and their families.
Instead, for almost two years, children have been locked up in Australia’s detention centre on Nauru in inhumane conditions.
Just this month, former Nauru staff came forward with testimony that has brought to light numerous cases and allegations of sexual harassment, assault and rape of women and children on Nauru, including the abuse of children as young as two years old.
It’s heartwrenching. Nothing can justify exposing children to this.
In June 2013 — with the support of people like you — we got all children released from detention on Manus Island. We can give the kids on Nauru the same chance to have a safe, happy childhood in Australia.
But we need your help.
If you haven’t already, please share your favourite childhood memory. If you already have, please share our Lost Children page on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll present your memory — alongside thousands of others — to the government to show them just what they’re taking away from refugee kids by detaining them. We’ll demand that these children are no longer denied their childhood.

In hope,
Graeme McGregor
Refugee Campaign Coordinator
Amnesty International Australia

PS. The more people take action, the more powerful our message will be. Please forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to help the children on Nauru.

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