This has been the week from hell for Tony Abbott and his Government. Bill Shorten

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Bill Shorten via 

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This has been the week from hell for Tony Abbott and his Government.

It all started on Monday when Tony Abbott made his ‘Captain’s Pick’ and awarded Prince Philip a Knight of the Order of Australia. Most of us thought he was joking, but once the laughter subsided, we realised he was serious.

By night time, Tony Abbott’s Knightmare was just beginning. Worse still, Tony Abbott’s personal fascination with the British Monarchy overshadowed Australia Day and the remarkable achievements of people like Australian of the Year Rosie Batty.

The sun rose on Tuesday but the Knightmare continued for Tony Abbott and his Ministers, with the country in open ridicule. The Prime Minister bunkered down while Minister after Minister refused to support his decision.

They call Wednesday ‘Hump Day’, and I’m sure by then Tony was wishing the week was over. Rupert Murdoch unfairly made Peta Credlin the scapegoat for her boss’s woeful priorities. Government Ministers were quick to back Ms Credlin but not so quick to back her boss’s judgement.

You know you’re in trouble as a conservative Prime Minister when even Andrew Bolt thinks you’re a dud. By Thursday, no one was backing in Tony Abbott, not even old mate Andrew. His colleagues were in open mutiny, a new leader was being discussed. But we know no matter who they choose, they’re all from the same Liberal family.

Tony Abbott was happier than Rebecca Black to see the Friday of this week from hell. He visited Colac in Victoria – approx. 1,926 kilometres from Brisbane – to declare his team is performing well because of their ‘captain’, not that he’s a skite of course. He even visited a pub, where the locals were happy* to see him.

*not so much.

This week would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. While the Prime Minister is the laughing stock of the country, families are suffering from his increases to cost of living, GP tax, cuts to pensions and plans for $100,000 degrees.

So rather than keep laughing, help me show we aren’t forgetting the really worrying stuff Tony Abbott and his Ministers are up to.

Share our graphic on Facebook to help spread the word that we want a Prime Minister who focuses on the issues that matter to Australians?

Wake up Tony Abbott – look out for Australians, not just yourself and Prince Philip.


P.S. Also, today our friends in Queensland are going to the polls to try and kick out a rotten Liberal Government. If you know anyone who’s there who isn’t sure how to vote today, don’t stay quiet. Let them bad first term governments can and should be booted out.

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