Three monkeys moves on

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Ralph Stamos
After 18 years Ralph Stamos is pulling up stumps

Its chai teas and haloumi platters have enthralled the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Vanessa Redgrave and there aren’t many who can resist the lure of the ever bounteous cake cabinet.  Now, after 18 years in the game and more than a few flat whites to his name, Three Monkeys owner Ralph Stamos has decided to retire from his post.

It’s hard to believe now but at the time, The Three Monkeys was one of only two coffee shops in West End.

Stamos bought the shop with son Jordan in 1995, extending it from a boarding house and small cafe into a multi-room eatery with a popular suntrap courtyard. “We saw it on the Saturday and we bought it on Tuesday. I could really see a lot of potential,’ explains Stamos. ‘When we bought the shop, what’s now the Turkish Room was only a garage and the courtyard was only a very small area. We opened the whole courtyard up to the back wall and started doing renovations to the deck. Before, the place could only hold about 95 people and now it fits 180.”

The full interview with Ralph will feature in February’s print edition.

Look out for it on the street.


3 thoughts on “Three monkeys moves on

  1. Jake

    23 January, 2014

    Thanks for all the delicious cups of chai and friendly staff, Ralph. Please sell the business to someone nice who will continue the legacy.

  2. Jeanette Muscat

    24 January, 2014

    Wow! A West End institution. Brings back many memories from my uni days – sooooo many good cakes and nachos and its wonderful ambience.

  3. Katie

    24 January, 2014

    Wow. The Three Monkeys won’t be The Three Monkeys without the Stamoses at the helm, thanks for all the great coffee, great memories and really great nachos!

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