THRIVE: Small Business in the Circular Economy

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Attendees to Small Business Week on Southbank are invited to discover the opportunities presented by the Circular Economy at Griffith University, Southbank at 10am on May 30.

10am May 30, 226 Grey St

Circular Economy opportunities in Australia alone represent billions of dollars of dormant value that can be released by Small and Medium Enterprises focused on the sector. “Many companies assume that the Circular Economy is specifically focused on waste,” said lead strategist for Great Notion, Geoff Ebbs, “The truth is that it is focused on wasted value.”

Business owners and managers attending the workshop at QCA Grey St South Bank will be brought up to speed on strategies, tools and opportunities to engage with the Circular Economy.

Dr Rob Hales, Director of Griffith Sustainability will launch a short course in the Circular Economy aimed directly at small business.

The course has been developed in conjunction with CELabs, a Circular Economy laboratory funded by the Qld Government to engage 65 corporates in building a template for the Circular Economy that will be presented at the inaugural Circular Economy Conference in Finland in June.

Marjon Wind of the CELab will outline the project in detail.

Free tickets are available to attend the event, information packs and vouchers to hands-on workshops are available for $125.

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