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Tony Abbott’s best fortnight


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10:15 AM (5 minutes ago)

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Inga —

Yesterday, in the paper, Tony Abbott was quoted as saying he and his Government have had “the best fortnight in the life of this Parliament.”

Let’s quickly examine the Abbott Government’s “achievements” over the last two weeks:

  1. Tony Abbott undermined the independence of the ABC and banned his ministers from going on Q&A.

  2. He prevented the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from investing in wind farms.

  3. He also asked the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to stop investing in rooftop solar.

  4. He caused division in his Cabinet by approving a coal mine in the Liverpool Plains.

  5. The OECD rated Australia as the 6th worst in the developed world for women in the ministry.

  6. His Government and Party started tearing itself apart about marriage equality.

  7. His $8.43 GP tax came into effect.

Sadly, this is the kind of fortnight Tony Abbott likes to have – one where he attacks clean energy and undermines our universal health care system.

We are well-behind the Coalition in fundraising for the next election, and they know it. Can you chip in just $5 to help us get ready to beat Tony Abbott?



Given Tony Abbott has reintroduced legislation that will give him a trigger for a double dissolution election, we’ve got to get ready NOW to take him head on. Our country can’t afford many more fortnights like this.

Let’s make sure we’re ready to fight Tony Abbott and the Liberals.

Thanks for your support,

George Wright,
Campaign Director

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