Turnbull’s agenda: Cutting penalty rates and local jobs. Australian Unions Team

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Turnbull’s agenda: Cutting penalty rates and local jobs


Australian Unions Team <info@actu.org.au>

5:54 PM (54 minutes ago)

to me

Inga —

We have seen off Tony Abbott, but when will we see off his policies?

We have asked Malcolm Turnbull to dump policies that attack our living standards and reverse his government’s cuts, but instead he has two priorities: cutting penalty rates and smashing local jobs.

Mr Turnbull’s first announcement was to provide support to deals like the China Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) that allows companies to bring in their workforce from overseas without offering the jobs to local workers first.

His second announcement was to make reviewing penalty rates a top priority! His key cabinet Minister is saying cutting weekend penalty rates would be a good thing.

Big business and the Liberal party now have new hope and are stepping up their campaign. We need to step up ours.

The good news is every day our campaign gets stronger as more and more people put their hand up to help out. Come and join us – together we can Build a Better Future.

The community is on our side and wants the Abbott government’s policies dumped. We are receiving messages of support for penalty rates and for local jobs from across the country every day.  Campaigning is fun and rewarding.  Join us.

Show Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal government they need to think again if they think we will step away from the issues most important to working people just because Tony Abbott is gone.

Yours in union,

Dave Oliver


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