Tyres the building blocks of the future


Significant cultural change: “It takes a huge time for people to
understand this concept because it’s a cultural change, but if you
don’t start the process it’ll never get done,” he said. “People need to
be aware that its benefits and re-use potential are huge.”

15-20pc cheaper: Ecoflex also boasted that its product was
between 15 and 20 per cent cheaper than conventional watts, and the
product was now approved by the Australian Engineers Standard.
Basically, one side of the tyre is removed and the tyre is filled with
aggregates such as recycled concrete, depending on what density is
required for a particular wall.

Life span of 30,000 years: Ecoflex has had great success working
with large companies such as Energy Australia, and now the concept was
catching on with home owners as well. “Mostly, we’re just replacing
conventional building blocks with recycled tyres – from a structural
viewpoint, we don’t want to say it’s better than what’s already on the
market, but it’s certainly equal to it. What you have is a virtually
indestructible building block – in the ground, tyres can have a life
span of 30,000 years,” Callinan said.

The Daily Telegraph, 3/12/2005, p. 5

Source: Erisk – www.erisk.net 

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