Underwater volcanoes cause quakes

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Underwater volcanoes cause quakes
The Kermadec Arc region is a 2500km-long chain of underwater volcanoes that stretches from White Island to Tonga. John says many of these volcanoes are active. “So it’s not surprising to see shallow earthquake activity there.
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Sir Richard Branson Plans to Journey to the Center of the Earth
In a charming faux press release, Sir Richard Branson has announced his plans for Virgin Volcanic, a massive ride-along drill that he intends to use to explore the world’s volcanoes — bringing Tom Hanks, Seth Green, Barbara Kopple and will.i.am along
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Tom Hanks & Seth Green Going on Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Volcanic’ Expedition?
Tom Hanks, Seth Green and will.i.am going to the inner depths of volcanoes? In a press release, Richard Branson announced that the three celebs would join him on a journey into the Earth’s core via his new Virgin Volcanic explorer.
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Bald Peak eruption imminent, scientists say
Newberg Graphic
City and state officials ordered evacuation of the Newberg area Sunday morning after scientists predicted that Bald Peak, a mountain only recently discovered to be a volcano, will erupt within days, covering the Chehalem Valley in lava and ash.
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Disasters and Dinosaurs
BBC News
Make model volcanoes and experiment with the patterns left by asteroids hitting the earth. A Shropshire council-run visitor centre, The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre was opened in 2001 with the aim of Show more… acting as a ‘hub of wheel’,
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BBC News
Are you kidding? April Fools’ Day on the Internet
Branson will “go on the first expedition along with Tom Hanks, Academy Award-winning actor and star of ‘Joe Versus the Volcano.’ ” The billionaire’s fascination with volcanoes started when he was a lad, having read Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center
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