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URGENT: Abyan needs our help


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** Content warning: sexual violence, abortion, abuse **

Raped, pregnant, denied medical care. Click here to sign the petition to bring back Abyan.


It’s an absolute horror story.

Yesterday evening the Turnbull government chartered a plane and sent Abyan* – a raped, pregnant 23 year old refugee – back to Nauru, without receiving medical care.1

Prime Minister Turnbull wants the nation to believe he’s a new, empathetic leader. That he’s prioritising the safety of women and is concerned about conditions in Australia’s detention camps. But his government’s treatment of this vulnerable, traumatised woman suggests otherwise.

Instead of providing Abyan with the medical care she begged for, the Turnbull government forcibly returned her to Nauru. Make no mistake, this is abuse.

We need to show the Prime Minister that his government can’t get away with it – Abyan desperately needs to be brought back to Australia.

Let’s grow this petition as big as we can to show the Prime Minister that we won’t allow Abyan to be treated this way in our name. Click here to sign the urgent petition to bring her back to Australia.

We’ve been in touch with Abyan’s lawyers. When she came to Australia she was weak, sick and traumatised. She had received no care on Nauru after the violent assault, and had lost 10kg. She was in desperate need of appropriate medical attention, including counselling.

But once again we did not provide for her safety and welfare. Just days after arriving in Australia, Abyan was returned to Nauru, despite begging not to be.

The Australian government’s treatment of Abyan is unimaginable and utterly shameful. We need to band together in an enormous public display of outrage and action, so Prime Minister Turnbull realises he can’t play the “nice guy” while getting away with actions like this.

Abyan desperately needs to come back to Australia for medical treatment. Can you sign the urgent petition to Prime Minister Turnbull, and share it to get the word out? www.getup.org.au/bring-her-back

Abyan’s story is a personal emergency. It’s also yet another outrage in a long line of abuses committed by Australian governments towards refugees and people seeking asylum.

We need to make this huge – for Abyan, and every person like her, who has been so grossly let down and abused by Australia’s devastating policies.

Click here to sign the petition to bring Abyan back to Australia for the medical attention she desperately needs.

Thank you,

Aurora and Sally for the GetUp team

PS – If we can make this huge, there’s so much more we can do to build pressure on the Turnbull government. The first step is creating a massive public outcry with as many signatures as possible. Sign now and we’ll keep you updated about what’s next: www.getup.org.au/bring-her-back

*Abyan is not her real name; it is the name used by the media and her advocates to protect her identity.

[1] ‘Australia secretly flies pregnant refugee out of country before hearing’, Guardian Australia, 16 October 2015

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