US scuttles G8 emissions scheme



Meanwhile, German police used water cannon and tear gas against demonstrators protesting against the G8 summit as leaders arrived for the meeting, a police spokesman says.

"Water cannon and tear gas were used after protesters began throwing stones," the spokesman said.

The demonstrators had approached the 12-kilometre-long fence around the luxury hotel on the Baltic Sea where the summit is being held.

Thousands of other protesters tried to block roads leading from the nearby city of Rostock to Heiligendamm in an effort to prevent officials from reaching the meeting.

Violence flared at a demonstration against the summit in Rostock on Saturday when hundreds of police were injured in clashes with masked and hooded protesters.

About 16,000 police were on duty for the summit.

The leaders of the G8 nations – Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States – gathered in Heiligendamm for three days of talks focusing on climate change and development aid to Africa.


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