Victorian hunt on for geothermal hot spots


Minister hot on the trail of non-emission renewables: State
Energy Minister Theo Theophanous said geothermal energy from the heat
of the earth’s interior could provide an energy source with no
greenhouse emissions.

Windfarm knock-back by spoilsport feds: Victoria’s aim to have
10 per cent of its energy from renewable sources, such as solar and
wind, by 2010 recently received a setback when the federal government
refused permits for a major windfarm.

Hot stuff in NZ: Mr Theophanous said geothermal energy globally
provided more than 7000 megawatts of electricity, including more than 7
per cent of New Zealand’s energy.

Permit security will encourage geothermal development: Rob
Ammells, chairman of Lakes Oil, which will be applying for a licence,
said the announcement was very significant. “Potential developers have
not been able to spend money because there was no security of tenure,”
he said.

The Australian Financial Review, 12/4/2006, p. 9

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