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Space Station photo outlines ice, snow patterns on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula
On March 15, snow covered much of the area, including three stratovolcanoes, volcanoes made up of layers of lava, pumice and volcanic ash. To the north is Kliuchevskoi Volcano, the highest in Kamchatka at 15863 feet. It’s most recent eruption was in
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Mars Express – Pit chains on the Tharsis volcanic bulge
Space Daily
These chains frequently occur on the flanks of shallow shield volcanoes, the bases of which have a very large diameter. When a lava flow cools and solidifies on its surface, its interior remains liquid and continues to flow as if inside a pipe,
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A Landscape in a Hand Sample: “Of Fire”
Scientific American (blog)
She’s one of the feistier of our Pacific Northwest volcanoes, and we’ll be getting to know her quite well soon. I’m doing you up a series for her 32nd anniversary. For now, we’ll just use her as our first example as to why hand samples are a gateway to
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