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Strange bedfellows


Ellen Sandell MP

2:08 PM (7 hours ago)

to me

Engie, the owner of Hazelwood power station, has just launched a massive global solar initiative. It’s more urgent than ever to Replace Hazelwood – can you ask your friends to sign the petition now?

Dear Neville,

There’s something strange about this.

Engie, a multinational energy giant, has announced its plan to champion a 1000 gigawatt global solar initiative. But tucked away in Engie’s back pocket is Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest power station.

At the World Future Energy Summit this week, Hazelwood’s owner Engie launched the Terrawatt Initiative, a global plan to install 1000 GW of solar by 2030. Engie’s latest commitment to solar makes it clearer than ever that the writing is on the wall for coal plants like Hazelwood.

Engie has realised the age of coal is over. Coal-fired power stations like Hazelwood are now toxic assets, and a threat to Engie’s new, renewables-friendly image.

The Andrews Labor Government needs to act now to responsibly phase out Hazelwood and replace it with clean energy — before Engie simply locks the doors and walks away, leaving the Latrobe Valley community stranded next to a big hole in the ground.

Can you forward this email to five friends and ask them to click here & sign the petition to Replace Hazelwood with clean energy?

Hazelwood is embarrassing for Engie, and it’s embarrassing for Victoria. It’s time the Labor Government took responsible action to replace Hazelwood with clean energy and implement a transition plan in the Latrobe Valley.

Help us build the pressure on Labor to act now – forward this email to five friends and ask them to add their name to the petition at www.replacehazelwood.com.au.

Thanks for standing with me,


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