Warmer winter for southern scientists

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Warmer winter for southern scientists

(NB Could also accelerate ice-melt and raise sea-levels)

ABC July 17, 2009, 3:44 pm

The blast of warm air is melting snow around the station.

ABC News © [Enlarge photo]

    Scientists at Antarctica’s Casey station have recorded the warmest July on record.

    After weeks of blizzards, scientists at the station are now enjoying some relative warmth.

    The maximum of 2.4 degrees and minimum of -3 are the warmest July temperatures since record keeping began at the station 20 years ago.


    The Bureau of Meteorology’s Steve Pendlebury says once-in-a-decade wind patterns are the likely cause.

    “The air from the central Indian Ocean east of Africa somewhere, has moved all the way down right onto the Antarctic coast,” he said.

    Station leader Geoff Cook says it has started melting snow and is a welcome change.

    He says scientists have been able to venture out into the field for the first time in a month.

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