Water crisis? Easy, get a water tank


Dams can’t compete say the stats: A dam will capture only 5 per cent of the rain that falls in its catchment and less in a dry year. Half of that then will evaporate from the dam surface. The price of a 22,000 litre tank (already used on most farm houses) is $2700, for which a council rebate of $750 is available. Add $500 for plumbing, and the annualised cost of 7 percent of` the net $2450 is only $171, which will deliver the 250kL of water at a cost of $0.68/kL compared with Brisbane City Council’s $0.89/kL.

Tanks are streets ahead: Water tanks deliver a 40-fold improvement in catchment efficiency, substantially reduce infrastructure costs, increase the value of your house by as much as you spend on the tank and protect you from future price increases. A very smart investment.

The Courier Mail, 6/5/2006, p. 29

Source: Erisk Net 

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