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We did it! 10,000 signatures to get the wagons covered


Coal Terminal Action Group via sendgrid.info 

5:12 PM (44 minutes ago)

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Coal Terminal Action Group

Nevile —
We have some very exciting news indeed.

It is with great community pride that we can today announce: WE DID IT!

10,000 signatures on the Cover the Wagons Petition

We have gathered over 10,000 signatures from people just like you right across New South Wales who are fed up with coal pollution in their suburbs and in their kid’s schools.That’s more than 10,000 people who know that uncovered coal wagons are a major source of particle pollution, causing serious cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

It’s also more than 10,000 people who know that there is one simple, affordable solution. Together, we have sent the NSW Government one clear demand: the time for talk is over – it’s now time to cover and wash coal wagons!

We are closer than we’ve ever been to getting action from Government on clean air. And it’s all thanks to you. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank everyone who made this outcome possible – all the doorknockers, stall workers, collectors, collators and petition captains. It has been an outstanding grassroots effort all round.

Today, we’d like to invite you to thank the NSW Labor Party, who will be tabling this petition in the Parliament tomorrow morning. The Shadow Minister for the Hunter Sonia Hornery and Shadow Health Minister Dr Andrew McDonald have been supportive of covered coal wagons and this petition, and we are deeply grateful to them for speaking out on our behalf.

Click here to send a thank-you message to the ALP, and to encourage more ALP Parliamentarians to follow Sonia and Andrew’s example, and stand proudly with the community in defense of our right to clean air.

10,000 signatures doesn’t just demonstrate the community support for action against coal pollution – it is also the magic number that triggers a debate in the Parliament. You can also include a line in your thank-you letter to call for parliamentary debate on coal pollution to be prioritised and brought forward as a matter of urgency.

Click here to send the letter now.

Thanks again for all of your efforts! We hope you are as proud as we are of this show of people power!

John Mackenzie
on behalf of
Coal Terminal Action Group

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