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Who knew a piece of paper could be so controversial?


Luke Hilakari

4:52 PM (9 minutes ago)

to me

Hi Neville

Did you know all Government Departments were supposed to start using 100% recycled paper this year? It’s a pretty good idea.

In preparation, Australian companies invested in the technology to support locally made, recycled paper. Better for industry, better for the environment. Aussie jobs are supported. Win Win.

But just before he was booted, Tony Abbott killed off the 100% recycled initiative.

This policy decision will cost thousands of jobs, will be bad for the industry, and will be harmful to the environment.

Can you add your voice to the petition calling on Malcolm Turnbull to reverse this decision and ensure all Government paper is 100% recycled?

Australian paper workers are counting on your support – don’t let Tony Abbott get away with this parting blow!

Please take a second to sign the petition and share it online.

In unity,

Luke Hilakari,
P.S. We’re trying to get as many signatures on this petition as possible, so please share it with your networks!

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