Wishing for a super-trawler-free 2015

20 December, 2014 General news0

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Wishing for a super-trawler-free 2015


Stop The Trawler Crew stopthetrawler@et.org.au via sendgrid.info 

2:09 PM (1 hour ago)

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Hi Neville
The first ever temporary ban on super trawlers in Australia has ended. There could be fishing by May 2015 and we still have no permanent safeguard from the damage these global monster boats can cause. But thanks to your action, we are on the way to securing this much-needed protection for good.

Expert panel says impacts are inevitable

The Government appointed expert panel of scientists handed its report down on the potential impacts of a super trawler – it confirmed our concerns that impacts on protected wildlife like dolphins and seals are inevitable, and the scale of localised overfishing that massive freezer, factory trawlers can wreak is unknown.

Scale of destruction unknown + potential impact high + low value fishery = a big risk not worth taking!

We showed them you still care

Conservation and recreational fishing representatives from the Stop the Trawler Alliance delivered over 27,000 of your names to the Australian Government on 26 November to show just how widespread and persistent support for a permanent ban on super trawlers in Australian waters is. There are many politicians who are on our side already and we will work them to secure protection in 2015…

Growing support for protecting our oceans and fisheries

We now have over 62,000 signatures in support of a permanent ban on super trawlers in Australian waters! This is an amazing effort! And it shows just how passionate people are about protecting our unique marine life, sustaining our fishing future, and making sure we don’t make the same mistakes that others have made in the past and around the world.

Securing a permanent ban on super trawlers in 2015

Earlier this year, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott said “It is banned, and it will stay banned”, when referring to the world’s second-largest super trawler, FV Margiris, in Australian waters. When we delivered the first 27,000 petition names, the Government said it was looking for a permanent solution to this issue…

We will will return to Parliament House in early 2015 and make sure that the Australian Government delivers on their promise to protect our fisheries and threatened marine life from the destruction of all large-scale freezer factory trawlers.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking action and helping to create a healthy future for our oceans and our fisheries. We look forward to working with you again in 2015 to make Australia super-trawler-free for good!

shark wearing a santa hat

Have a safe and awesome Christmas holiday,Bec, Erika and the super trawler crew

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