Without help, they’ll die within days. Graeme, Amnesty International Australia

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Without help, they’ll die.


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Thousands of people face death, stranded in boats off the coast of South East Asia.

Tell the governments of the region, they must save the lives of these people.


Dear Neville,
This is happening right now, on our doorstep.
Up to 8,000 men, women and children are stranded at sea off the coasts of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Without help, they’ll die within days.
We know that many of those stranded in boats, desperately in need of rescue, are Rohingya people — a persecuted ethnic minority from Myanmar and Bangladesh.
The Rohingya are stateless with no citizenship rights. Because of this, they’re frequently victims of human trafficking. Wherever they go, they face discrimination, violence and hardship.
It’s no wonder they flee.
Yet Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian authorities continue to defy international human rights law by refusing to rescue people in trouble. In some cases, they’re pushing boats back into the sea. 
For those on board, this is a death sentence.
Many in the boats have been at sea for more than two months and urgently need food, water and medical care.
Rohingya people are survivors. They’ve been forced from their homes, suffered abominable conditions in camps and braved treacherous journeys across the sea to reach safety.
Their lives now rest in our hands.
That’s why we’re issuing a global call for action. As a movement of 7 million people, Amnesty supporters have the power to pressure the governments of the region to do the right thing and save these people’s lives.
In hope,
Graeme McGregor
Refugee Campaign Coordinator
Amnesty International Australia
PS. The governments our our region have a choice: save the lives of 8,000 people or watch them die. Call on decision makers to step up search and rescue efforts before it’s too late.

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