Women drive growth: Economist


In the words of The Economist, "Forget China, India and the Internet – economic growth is driven by women", wrote Heather Ridout, chief executive of the Australian Industry Group, in The Australian Financial Review (5/9/2007, p.63).

Active in APEC: "In late June, I chaired a meeting of 400 Asia-Pacific leaders from business, government, academia and civil society, who met to consider issues critical to building a sustainable future. We met under the umbrella of the APEC Women Leaders Network – and I presented the report of the meeting to the APEC Business Advisory Council in Sydney this week."

Women with clear vision: The 2007 APEC WLN was made up of women experienced in the challenges that face small to medium enterprise entrepreneurs. They have clear ideas about the importance of removing regulatory impediments to women establishing new businesses and the value of setting in place business targets on skills development, diversity in decision making and carbon neutrality.

Smart economics: "If we do not draw on the insights and experiences of more than half our population, we are ignoring the knowledge of half our collective brain. By anyone’s thinking, that is not smart economics," Ridout concluded.

Reference: Heather Ridout is chief executive of the Australian Industry Group.

The Australian Financial Review, 5/9/2007, p. 63

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