You pay your fair share, why can’t they? LABOR

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You pay your fair share, why can’t they?


Bill Shorten via 

3:15 PM (9 minutes ago)

to me

For a party that cries poor when it comes to Australia’s budget, the Liberals have a funny way of showing it: they let large multinational companies off the hook in paying their taxes.

And who covers the shortfall? Sick Australians getting taxed to see the doctor; pensioners with cut pensions; students paying more for a degree; Australian businesses doing the right thing and paying their fair share of tax.

Labor thinks that’s plain wrong. That’s why we will make large multinational companies pay their fair share.

We can’t count on the mainstream media alone, but we can count on you to help get our announcement out there. We know there will only be a few seconds about this on the news so it’s down to you to help Australians hear the details. It’s up to all of us to be armed with the facts and ready to take every chance we get to explain our plans.

The Liberals’ priorities are way off when they think the way to balance the budget is to hand back $1 billion to large foreign companies, but put a tax on going to see the doctor.

My position is simple: you pay your fair share of tax, Australian companies pay their fair share of tax, large foreign companies doing business in Australia should pay their fair share.

Companies like Apple and James Hardie ship their profits offshore to make it look like they make no money in Australia, with all sorts of accounting tricks. Meanwhile, Australian companies trying to compete with them are paying their fair share.

We will close those loopholes and get you your billions back. Here’s how:

You know the impact of the Liberals’ unfair GP Tax, all done under the guise of Australia not being able to afford it. Why do the Liberals care more about large multinational companies than your household budget?

We know the lobbying power these large multinational companies have. If we want to close these loopholes, you are our last line of defence.

Arm yourself with these facts, share them with your friends and together we can do what’s fair by Australia.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


PS — The Liberals hand back $1 billion to large foreign companies, while you pay more to see a doctor. If you think that’s unfair, arm yourself with these facts and let’s close the loopholes

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