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Your voice on climate change


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3:38 PM (25 minutes ago)

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Neville —

When Malcolm Turnbull became PM, I have to admit I did breath a sigh of relief. Finally! A PM who gets that climate change is something we have to take SERIOUSLY. Someone who gets that wind farms are not the enemy.

But it was only a day later that he started to disappoint. He’s locked in behind Tony Abbott’s flawed Direct Action policy. How do we know it’s flawed? Malcolm has told us himself (along with a cavalcade of economists and scientists).1 It looks like Malcolm has sold out his convictions in order to become PM and he’s now spouting Tony Abbott’s lines.2

You and I know this issue is too important to be a bargaining chip with the radical right-wing of the Liberal Party. We need to do our part to reduce emissions and stop dangerous climate change. We need the political pressure to be on Malcolm Turnbull to stick to his convictions and adopt policies that will actually reduce emissions.

We’ve had a lot of success stopping Government cuts in the Senate by demonstrating that the community really cares about a range of issues (on issues like 18C, the GP Tax, higher education changes). Can you give us a hand and call on Malcolm Turnbull to make our future renewable? Add your voice to the petition to support a goal of 50% renewable energy.

Thanks for all you do,

Erinn Swan
Deputy Director Labor Digital

P.s. Please help bring as many people as possible to this petition by sharing it on Facebook!

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