Train passengers trapped for 17 hours

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Train passengers trapped in wild weather for 17hrs

ABCFebruary 23, 2013, 4:18 pm



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Wild weather hits NSW

Sydney has been hit with strong winds and heavy rain as a powerful east coast low moves south as northern New South Wales felt the brunt of overnight storms.

ABC © Enlarge photo

About 100 passengers were trapped on a train in wild weather for nearly 17 hours in northern New South Wales.

The Countrylink XPT service from Sydney to Casino was interrupted overnight at Coramba, about 10 kilometres north of Coffs Harbour, by fallen trees on the railway line.

Railway workers removed the blockage, but the train encountered floodwater about 30 kilometres north near Glenreagh.

As it reversed back to Coffs Harbour it was stopped for a third time by a landslide.

A large tree blocks the track. SOURCE: Getty Images

The site was too remote for buses to reach.

An excavator eventually cleared the debris and weary travellers arrived in Coffs Harbour just before midday today (AEDT).

Some passengers say trees fell on three carriages scaring occupants inside.

A large number of small children and elderly people were onboard the train.

Passengers have praised the crew for keeping spirits high by providing complimentary food and regular updates.

However some say they received mixed messages and the food eventually ran out.

A branch stuck under the train. SOURCE: Getty Images


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