What Santos could do to Australia’s water supply

7 November, 2014 General news0
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What Santos could do to Australia’s water supply


Sam R – GetUp!

5:55 PM (9 minutes ago)

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It’s what we’ve feared all along.

Santos’ coal seam gas project threatens the lifeblood of Australia – the Great Artesian Basin.

News broke in The Australian today. A new report confirmed drilling from Santos’ Narribri CSG project could “stop bores flowing throughout the basin, which is the sole water source for towns and farms across 22 per cent of Australia.”1 Essentially, much of the Australia’s groundwater could stop flowing.

It’s the worst case scenario, but the consequences would be unthinkable.

The basin covers almost a quarter of the country, and is the only supply of fresh water for much of inland Australia. No access to water from the Great Artesian Basin means no farming. It means no cattle-grazing. It means no irrigation, no drinking water for rural communities. Without overstating it, losing water from the basin would be catastrophic.

The stakes simply are too high to take any chances. Can you contact NSW Premier Mike Baird to immediately stop Santos’ CSG project until any threat the the Great Artesian Basin has been ruled out?

The pressure companies like Santos can put on decision-makers is huge, and standing up to a project of this scale takes a whole lot of courage. That’s why we need to fight it together with people power. We need tens of thousands of us to stand up and be more powerful than the cashed-up mining industry could ever be.

Ask Premier Mike Baird to protect our water, and stand up for rural Australians.

Santos has already shown us it can’t be trusted to protect our groundwater. Earlier this year, it ran a full page newspaper ad reassuring the community it posed no danger to their water. Months later, a Santos owned CSG project was found to have contaminated an aquifer.2

Right now, Santos has 56 test wells operating in the Narribri area. From these wells alone, they have reported 16 spills or leaks, including the one which poisoned an aquifer with heavy metals including uranium.

It’s simple. No risk to our Great Artesian Basin is worth it. Not ever.

Sam R, for the GetUp team

[1] Great Artesian Coal Seam Gas Risk. The Australian. 7 November 2014
[2] Santos coal seam gas project contaminates aquifer. The Sydney Morning Herald. 8 March 2014

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