3.27°C warmer by 2030? NEVILLE GILLMORE

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3.27°C warmer by 2030?


Neville Gillmore <nevilleg729@gmail.com>

Sep 19 (11 days ago)

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3.27°C warmer by 2030?
NOAA data show that the year-to-date land surface temperature was 1.47°C above the 20th century average on the Northern Hemisphere in 2015 compared to the 20th century average. The 20th century average was some 0.60°C higher than temperatures were at the start of the NOAA record in 1880. In other words, temperatures for most people on Earth are already 2.07°C higher than they were in 1880. 2015 is an El Niño year that is still strengthening, so 2016 could well be even warmer. A trendline that on this data points at yet another degree Celsius rise by 2030, on top of the current level that would make us 3.27°C warmer than in 1750.

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