The big Labor Herald stories this week

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The big Labor Herald stories this week


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It’s been a week of more talk, but little difference when it comes to the new government. Here’s what’s been trending on the Labor Herald.

The Top 5 Labor Herald stories this week:

  1. An open letter from Jenny Macklin
  2. 5 principles of Labor economic management
  3. Climate change: has it been subcontracted to the hard right?
  4. The “start-up year”: a plan to kickstart entrepreneurs
  5. The politics of spatial inequality

Top 5 stories about Labor’s former PMs

  1. Julia proclaimed as fierce feminist in New York
  2. The age of impermanence
  3. Why I miss Paul Keating
  4. When Kevin Rudd became a TV presenter
  5. Whitlam: a tribute

Policy, economy and the serious stuff

  1. 22 things Labor has to say about economic reform
  2. Reform and the bumps in the road
  3. Two futures

Alex Brooks
Editor, Labor Herald

Ross Caldwell
Assistant Editor, Labor Herald

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