3 – Avoid packaging


Packaging is waste. Its original function was to make products easy (and hygienic) to handle. Often, though, its purpose is to make products more attractive or look bigger. For the planet’s sake we have to minimise packaging, especially disposable stuff.

Packaging can operate as a warning signal for other problems, too.

Packaged food is not fresh, is highly processed, and contains i corn, soy meal and canola oil. These ingredients are grown on a large-scale and are often genetically modified. Packaged food also tends to contain more salt and sugar and other preservatives.

Buying fresh food avoids all these problems.

Household items, consumables and appliances actually need relatively little packaging.

Select brands that use little packaging to cut down on the resources you consume and the waste you produce.




  • Save oil and trees

  • Reduce waste

  • Reverse global warming

Usually nothing


It takes some effort to find well packed products

Places to go




Hard Facts

Over 100 thousand tonnes of plastic is thrown into Sydney’s landfill
through the metropolitan waste stream every year.
Most of this is packaging.
Another 1.3 million tonnes of paper is also thrown away.

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Buy locally

Bake your own food.

Avoid plastic

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