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The Cage, like the Matrix, ensnares and enslaves us. We voluntarily assist in building our own trap, borrowing money to make banks richer, plugging ourselves into a system that feeds off our energy and activity to enrich its owners. The Cage started life as a radio show, exposing the workings of the cage by turning the paradigm on its head, locking the powerful into “The Cage” until they answer the question …

Out with Sax-Coburg-Gotha

Geoff Ebbs /10 June, 2020

White Australians struggling with approaches to justice for First Nations people might consider Radical Republicanism, writes Geoff Ebbs.

sideways replacement of sleepers

Union warned of derailment in 2011

Geoff Ebbs /29 February, 2020

Alarm bells rang in the Cage when a derailment occurred on the Melbourne Sydney track on February 24th 2020 due to “mud holes” on the track. The Rail Tram and Bus Union reported in 2011 that the practice of replacing sleepers without lifting the track, known as sideways replacement, was causing mudholes that could lead Continue Reading →

Throttle raises road cliches to high Art

Geoff Ebbs /26 April, 2019

There is nothing like a road trip to highlight personality traits and set the scene for a battle between the small domestic world established in the car interior and the big bad world outside the windows of that private space. So, a white Volvo and a domestic spat and a potentially loving resolution in a Continue Reading →

Tech assumptions embed digital divide

Geoff Ebbs /7 December, 2018

Two contradictory technological currents combine to further disempower the already disadvantaged. On one hand, the assumption that people in general have a certain technical capacity (both access and skills) means that those without that capacity are left on the wrong side of the digital divide pushing them into a downward spiral that mirrors the compounding Continue Reading →